How to buy products on avent.ge?

We try to make shopping experience seamless and easy on our website. Here is, detailed tutorial on how to order desired products on our website:

(Without registration) Add desired product to cart, then "proceed to checkout", fill the billing details (first name, last name, address, phone, email,) choose one from the payment methods (Standard shipping, Pick Up, Cash on delivery, or Fast delivery), then mark "I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions"and click “Buy”. You will be prompted to bank payment page, where you have to fill in your credit card details (credit card number, month/year, CVC code and the name of the card owner) and press “Pay”.  

*in the "discount code" you fill in 5 % discount code, which you will receive on your email, if you order 150 Gel and above, you can use this code on the next order during 10 days. If you don't have discount code skip this box and press "buy". 





How long it takes to deliver products?

We deliver our products countrywide throughout Georgia, delivery happens to locations listed below (Please see the list). Standard shipping and COD service takes 2-3 working days, depending on order timing and delivery location.

We have 4 payment methods:

1. Standard Shipping (Free Delivery) - Customer pays by card. Courier delivers product to customer's address. If the order is received during day until 16:50PM, client will receive product on second day. Orders received after 16:50PM will be delivered on 3rd Day.


2. Pick Up - Customer pays by card. Later customer can come and pick up ordered product at our office.

Office Address: Tbilisi, Beliashvili str. #145, 5th floor. Working days/hours: Mon - Fri/ 10:00 - 19:00

*Please note that order invoice has to be submitted at our office by the customer.


3. Cash on Delivery (Free Delivery) - Customer makes order. Courier delivers product to customer's address and collects money (cash) from customer. If the order is received during day until 16:50PM, client will receive product on second day. Orders received after 16:50PM will be delivered on 3rd Day.


4. Fast Delivery (Extra Charge) – Available from Mon - Fri/ 9:00 – 16:50. If the order is received from 9:00 to 13:50, client will receive product the same day until 18:00. Extra charge is 7 Gel. If the order is received from 13:50 to 16:50, client will receive product the same day until 22:00. Extra charge is 10 Gel.

*Please note that this service is available only in Tbilisi.


Delivery Locations: Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Telavi, Mtskheta, Tskneti, Kojori, Kiketi, Zugdidi, Anaklia, Abasha, Agara, Adigeni, Ambrolauri, Aspindza, Akhaldaba, Akhalkalaki, Akhaltsikhe, Akhmeta, Bakuriani, Baghdati, Bolnisi, Borjomi, Gardabani, Gonio, Gurjaani, Dedoplistskaro, Dmanisi, Dusheti, Vani, Zestaponi, Tetristskaro, Terjola, Tianeti, Kaspi, Lagodekhi, Lanchkhuti, Lentekhi, Manglisi, Marneuli, Martvili, Makhinjauri, Mestia, Ninotsminda, Ozurgeti, Oni, Rustavi, Sagarejo, Samtredia, Sarpi, Sachkhere, Senaki, Sighnaghi, Stepantsminda, Surami, Tkibuli, Ureki, Pasanauri, Poti, Kareli, Keda, Kobuleti, Kvareli, Shuakhevi, Chakvi, Chokhatauri, Chkhorotsku, Tsageri, Tsalenjikha, Tsalka, Tsaghveri, Tsnori, Tskaltubo, Chiatura, Kharagauli, Khashuri, Khelvachauri, Khobi, Khoni, Khulo, Djvari, Gori




How does Pick Up payment method work?

When you choose Pick Up payment method. Amount will be deducted from your credit card and later you can come to our office and Pick Up the product you paid for.  

How does Cash on Delivery payment method work?

When you choose Cash on Delivery payment method. You select desired product and make an order. Order is generated in our system. Courier delivers product to your address and makes the cash collection on the spot. 

*Please note that Cash on Delivery payment method applies only to Tbilisi. 

Warranty Service

2 Year warranty service is applied to electronic devices (only) purchased on our website. Warranty service is provided by authorized service centers, that are selected by manufacturer. 

Warranty service applies to sold out products in case of damage or malfunction and covers service and spare parts fees. 

User manuals and instructions provided by manufacturer should be followed on electronic devices in order to be eligible for warranty service. 



Service Center Name

Service Center Address




Tsereteli avenue #140




Vazha Pshavela str. #30a



Elit Service

Kavtaradze str. #3

How can I apply for the bank’s online installment?

In order to apply for bank’s online  installment, you should click on TBC Bank logo, which you can find on each product page. After clicking on TBC Bank logo, you will be directed to online registration form, which you have to fill in. At the same time kindly ask you to contact us by phone Tel: 596668484 and inform us on which model are you filling in the registration form. After submitting online registration form, you will receive notification by SMS from bank within 24 Hours. In case of approved online installment plan, please contact and inform us. We will send an invoice to you and bank, with which you can go to any TBC Bank branch and sign the online installment contract. Once you sign the contract bank will give you a special request form on our product. You can send this request form to us by e-mail at: info@avent.ge or at https://www.facebook.com/AventGeorgia/ or visit our showroom and collect the product. Our Address: Beliashvili str. 145, 5th floor, from Mon-Fri 10 A.M-6 P.M) or get the product delivered at your address by our free shipping service.


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